Elementary Age Boys Bedrooms

I don’t know about you all, but I find inspiration for girls’ bedrooms everywhere. Maybe it’s because, with girls, you can always be adding stuff – ruffles, ribbons, buttons, you name it – to easily achieve a fun, feminine look. The challenge for many of us comes when we decorate our boys’ rooms. It’s not that we don’t love our young sons, and it’s not that they don’t want a fun and customized space of their own. But it’s just not as easy to come up with ideas that translate as “boy.” Here, however, are some fantastic ideas:

Play Land.

Shared kids bedroom

Every boy’s dream. Climbing wall, above-the-bed fort with ladder, punching bag. The décor (in a traditional sense) is kept to a minimum; instead, the room’s style is showcased in activities. I love how this room keeps a loose, natural color scheme, which adds structure to the active vibe, but it isn’t kept tight so as to appear predictable. Great use of space on built-in shelves and bed drawers, making room for other things that the boy enjoys.

Bright & Bold.

Shared kids bedroom

Colors in this delightful space are few but bold. I especially love the dark pallet accent wall and industrial/outdoor lighting pendant. This is clearly a place that boys of young ages will feel at home in. (Although what’s here is fabulous, the fabric art on the wall could be easily swapped out to match the boy’s interests.) Accessories (such as tennis rackets, birds, and tractor) are somewhat random, but they all come together as simple pieces paired neatly with chunky geometry.

For the Love of Stripes.

Shared kids bedroom

Let’s face it, you can’t really go wrong with stripes in decorating a boy’s room. They’re masculine and juvenile and graphic, all rolled into one fantastically pleasing pattern. This room takes this idea of stripes and runs with it! Keeping the color palette fairly basic (blue and green, with punches of brown), this room is energizing and comfortable.


Shared kids bedroom

Because the same tone of brown is used throughout, it gives this fun bedroom a certain crispness. Wall décor is kept to a bare minimum, and other furnishings are simple yet perfectly “boy.” The metallic lamp adds an important element of shine to the space, which keeps it fresh and interesting. High white wainscot is a classic element that works with the milk chocolate color.

Preppy Plaid.

Shared kids bedroom

Particularly for boys of young ages, a preppy multi-colored plaid is fun and structured while being non-committed to a given color…which, with active young boys who are prone to changing their minds, is a plus. The plaid balances nicely with the industrial-type metal baskets, used here to store whatever they want. The neutral light olive wall color is an excellent choice here, with so many other colors going on, and it’s great for boys.

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