Elegantly sleek ribbon table

Nowadays there are many table designs, this one was made to look like a ribbon and was made by Philip Michael Wolfson and Richard Hartle for HI-MACs. I really love this  elegant coffee table, I`m sure that I can impress my friends with this table. This table is made of steel – a single sheet of steel laser cut and then painted white and lacquered. After the cutting process it was molded and bent so as to take the shape and look like a ribbon. Now when you look at it you can imagine these nice little gymnasts playing with their ribbons, all graceful and fragile.

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Except that this table is not fragile at all ans can hold quite a big weight on it. Any way, the design is very well conceived and the ribbon seems to fold a bit while falling on the ground, so it shows movement, but in fact this very design makes the loose part of the ribbon be the real support, making sure the table does not fall on the side and ensuring stability. Great job!