6 Projects Showing How To Reupholster An Old Sofa

Reupholstering a sofa is usually easier than you think. Of course, it is a complex and time-consuming process but it can be done at home by simply following the right steps. You should definitely give this idea a try, especially if you have an old sofa or couch that you think or replacing soon. Who knows, you might keep it for a few more years and enjoy it a while longer. All it takes is some fabric and free time.


Old mid-century sofas stand out because of their upholstery. It usually features floral patterns and motifs. These used to be chic at one point but now they’re just ugly. You can wrap the look for something simpler and more modern that still preserves the sofa’s charm and elegance. For example, try some heavy weight cotton velvet in a dark color and some piping in a contrasting color.{found on moyamcallister}.

Before and after tufted couch makeover

The first step when reupholstering a sofa or a couch is removing the old upholstery. Be careful with this part. Take it out piece by piece and label each section. This will help you cut out the new fabric. After removing the old fabric, clean and naked couch and spray it with vinegar as suggested on whiletheysnooze. Then roll out the new fabric and arrange your template pieces on top. Trace them and make them a little bit bigger than the originals. Then cut them out and attach them to the sofa/ couch. Use a staple gun.

DIY Sofa White

In order to fix and reupholster an old couch, you’re going to need a few basic things like canvas drop cloth, a staple gun, pliers, a screwdriver, scissors, upholstery thread and needle plus a few optional ones like a hot glue gun and upholstery tacks. Remove the old upholstery and label the pieces. Then take your new fabric and use it to cover the couch. Tuck it in the right places staple it in place. You’ll find more details about the whole project on hhandtw.

Before and after reupholster sofa

An old sofa has a lot of potential, especially if it has a nice frame. You should preserve some of the original details if you like them. Obviously, the biggest change would be reupholstering the whole piece. Take out the old fabric, staple the new pieces onto the frame and make sure you don’t get ugly creases and folds. You can use buttons to make a padded backrest. Then add come accent pillows and the transformation is complete. {found on classyclutter}

Reupholster couch before and after

Reupholstering a two-seater couch is really easy. First you should make sure you have everything you need. This includes some heavy duty upholstery fabric, a staple gun, some cardboard, batting, spray glue, zippers, thread, pliers, a hammer, a sewing machine and scissors. Choosing the fabric is a bit tricky. Try to avoid continuous patterns such as striped because they’re difficult to line up. Remove the old fabric, staple the batting into place and add some new foam if necessary. Then staple the new fabric pieces to the frame. You can make new covers for the seat cushions and give them zippers so you can remove and wash them. {found on doityourselfdivas}.

Before and after couch from leather to cowhide

If you want to try something a bit more eye-catching, check out the transformation featured on todaysnest. The faux fur is definitely standing out. Yo can do something similar for your couch if you want it to look cozy. Keep in mind, however, that this isn’t the best look for the warmer months. In any case, the transformation is just as simple as everything else we’ve described so far. If you don’t like the cowhide look, you can choose a different type of fabric, maybe something fluffy but simpler and with a uniform look.