Elegant Velvet Sofas and Loveseats by Coleccion Alexandra

Our senses are receptive to any kinds of stimuli .A certain fragrance of a flower or a perfume cannot escape our nose, the appearance of some strident or vibrant colors are always perceived by our agile eyes and all kinds of surfaces, materials of different texture are quickly felt by our touch.

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Velvet is a remarkable material which you can feel its soft texture from the first sight. It is not even necessary to touch it. Velvet is a material which inspires you style, elegance and luxury. It is representative for a certain period of time when the ladies’ dresses were made of this delicate and soft material.

Coleccion Alexandra is a firm that likes to create unique products and accessories using refined and precious materials like velvet. They managed to design these elegant velvet Sofas and Loveseats which are perfect for an elegant and exquisite interior décor.

Velvet sofas loveseats coleccion alexandra 1

Velvet sofas loveseats coleccion alexandra 1

They are not only comfortable but they are also great as decorative pieces of furniture that will impress every guest of your house. For those who love elegance, refinement and a luxury ambiance these sofas and loveseats will satisfy all their desires. Their design will make you think of those elegant saloons where the elegant ladies were invited to have their tea or meet charming gentlemen.{found on trendir}