Elegant Top Hat Ice Buckets

Elegance means high quality and god taste. An elegant person will always look very arranged and dressed up with high quality clothes. The 1940s represented a period where gentlemen used to wear nice top hats that made them look very elegant and stylish.

Top Hat Ice Bucket

Their impressive image and their nice top hats were the inspiration for those who created these lovely and attractive Top Hat Ice Buckets. Your dinner table for a successful party will look smashing the moment you bring these practical and elegant Top Hat Ice Buckets. Your guests will admire their gorgeous design that imitates a model of a 1940s original. The material used for them is cast aluminum with an antique-silver-plated finish which will make them look precious and specific to that period of the ‘40s.

A nice bottle of wine or champagne can be chilled or you may use them to serve ice for cocktails or other types of drink.These Top Hat Ice Buckets represent the elegance of those times of the 1940s and you can find them in different sizes, small or large. For a price between € 38.65 and   € 61.68 they are available to you and now you can impress any guest of your party with their stylish and attractive appearance.