Elegant Queen Chair by Smania

A sitting place can make you feel different through its shape, height or comfort. There chairs which can make you feel embarrassed or put you in an inconvenient situation. If you talk to a person and your chair seems shorter you can feel a little bit inferior as position. A comfortable, soft chair can make you feel like floating on a cloud, really relaxed or a high chair can make you feel like a queen or king, offering you position of superiority and a feeling of power and strong stability.

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This modern and elegant Queen chair can make you dream of a position of monarch. It looks like a cocoon but you can always see the world with royal views from there.Smania designed this charming chair that fits perfectly to any kind of interior, whether it is a modern or a classic one.

Armchair queen smania 2

Queen seems to take the shape of your body, offers you privacy and comfort. It is available in various colors so that you can match it with your interiors and its base comes in a polished stainless steel or gold finish. Now you can come home, take your seat and feel like a real queen or king, ready to enjoy all the comfort and luxury in the world.