Elegant Plant Pods

A lot of people like plants. They want to have them in their homes and to give them everything they need. But often includes just sun and water but still, it’s an effort. Some people are more pretentious and they like plats but they also like their home to look elegant and stylish. The next idea presented here allows you to have your beloved plants while not having to sacrifice anything in your interior décor.

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These simple plant pods, designed by Domenic Fiorello, are very beautiful and elegant. Is plant pod is basically a shelf. The only visible part is the plant itself. The designer assures us that the plants have everything they need in there even though you don’t see it. Still, because the pieces are made of wood, I think you should be careful with the amount of water of give to the plants. Also, you should choose small plants. I find the plant pods very elegant and beautiful.

However I wonder how does the interior look like.Anyway, the plant pods seem like very practical and beautiful pieces. They can be placed anywhere on the wall. They are easy to mount and they look very beautiful with their simple shape and soft lines. It would be a good choice for a modern or contemporary home, for someone that doesn’t necessarily want to have a whole garden inside, but rather just a reminder of nature.