Elegant Mussel Chair by Hanne Kortegaard

This kind of furniture can be used as a piece of art or just like a seating.The Mussel Chair from Hanne Kortegaard creates a cozy environment and looks comfortable enough with its cushioned seat curved to fit a human’s body shape. As you can see in the pictures below you can use this unusual looking chair for only one person and rest very comfortably there with your legs up – in the spot where the chair is smaller in size or you can use it for two people.

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Normally it is designed only for one normal adult person, but the small place that is available there invites the small ones to come and enjoy a stay near their mother or father, creating a loving and warm atmosphere. And your kids will be simply delighted that they were allowed to sit next to one of their parents, in the same chair.

The chair is supported by two strong metal legs and the outer hard plastic shape is covered on the inside with some soft fabric- mussel for a more comfortable seating. There is also a small ergonomic pillow that you can use when the chair has only one occupant.