Elegant Mamilla Hotel in Jerusalem by Safdie Architects

The Mamilla Hotel is located in Jerusalem, Israel. It sits in the Jerusalem, Israel district from where it also got its name. This is an area that connects the Israeli and Jordanian sectors of Jerusalem, it’s a sort of transition area between the old and the new cities. Given this situation, the hotel had to be a reflection of that particular area and everything related to it. The Mamilla Hotel was a project developed by Safdie Architects.

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Even though the hotel was completed in 2009, it seems to have always been a part of the district. It’s because its façade integrates perfectly in the area. It has a historic look, just like the other buildings surrounding it and it’s that kind of old with a fresh touch. It’s like the building was there forever but only recently it has been restored to its original beauty. The hotel was designed for Alrov Luxury Hotels and the total cost of the project was US $60 million.

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The façade and the exterior of the hotel might seem old and historic, but the interior gradually makes the transition towards modern and contemporary. The interior design was created by Piero Lissoni and it’s the perfect image of the district’s history and concept. It’s modern but not overly striking. It’s very elegant but in a simple way. The walls are covered with traditional Jerusalem limestone and the roofs are terra-cotta tile, thus creating continuity with the surrounding building. It’s a very beautiful and subtle mix of old and new, minimalist but inspiring and bold.{pics by Timothy Hursley, Ardon Bar Hama,}.