Elegant Leather Chair

Here we are again put in front of my element. I don’t like leather chairs, I am madly in love with them. This might sound a little crazy but am I fascinated of the squeaky sound. Those who read my post about my other “ leather encounters”  know my passion and how fascinated I am with black and brown leather.

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I currently own a few leather jackets and I wear them with different occasions and when I find myself in a classy lobby or in a waiting room with thick leather seats I can’t resist the “squeakyness” and o move around trying to make myself more comfortable. Now this chair has all the elements for the perfect candidate in my favorite list. I love those saggy cushions with thick stitches. I love the worn look that adds a tremendous amount of value and personality to the chair.

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I like that is all leveled up and nothing is loose or too firm. The frame is made of kiln-dried hardwood and steel-spring suspension for a comfortable experience. It measures 42”W x 33”D x27”H, is all dressed in leather, even the legs, underneath, everything and I bet it feels fantastic. What a great job did the Danish designers with the clean simple lines. Oh, I almost forgot; this Sorensen Chair costs around $ 1500. For that amount of money I’m thinking of buying one myself.