Elegant JUJU and Archie Floor Lamps

A well designed floor lamp serves as a piece of functional art. You can completely transform the ambiance of your living spaces with a beautiful floor lamp. They offer the versatility of mobility to suite your unique space and many are available with matching table lamps, if you want them. The JUJU and Archie lamps can make a great statement in any house.

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Designed by Filipe Lisboa, these items were created by thinking about function and eye toward modern art. JUJU’s mighty shade and toned body is sexy high-gloss automotive finish highlight her sensual curves. This lamp is so attractive that you wish you could keep it all to yourself, but her supermodel height and charisma need the attention of the entire room. On the other hand, Archie fuses a dreamy, pleasant atmosphere with an air of mistery. It has a magnetic appeal which makes it irresistible. Moreover it is brushed with stainless steel and the rotation molding exudes elegance and comfort.

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These two bold floor lamps by Viso are perfect for modern design. What’s more the JUJU lamp comes in white and black and the Archie lamp can be a great addition to a deck or cabana. Aren’t they gorgeous?