Elegant house with tasteful interior and clever storage solutions

In order to obtain a perfect interior design you have to pay attention to all the little details. Everything has to be handled with care and you need to focus on specific elements. However, you also have to pay attention to the whole picture. It’s very possible for the elements that you like to look great separately but to not match when you put them together. But let’s better take a look at an example.

Unbelievably Elegant Apartment

This lovely house has a very harmonious interior design. It’s simple but it’s elegant, cohesive and still interesting and eye-catching. Everything has been carefully selected. The furniture and the architecture match and all the accent features do exactly what they’re supposed to. There aren’t many focal points here. The living area is not particularly spacious but the interior décor is simple, with neutral colors and simple shapes. The white walls and the wooden floor create a very nice balance and all the furniture and accessories emphasize and complement it.

Unbelievably Elegant Apartment2

Unbelievably Elegant Apartment6

Unbelievably Elegant Apartment5

Unbelievably Elegant Apartment4

Unbelievably Elegant Apartment3

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 The interior design is indeed very tasteful. Even though the rooms are not that spacious, they don’t look cluttered or tiny. Clever storage solutions were also found and this greatly helps with the overall image and atmosphere. The open shelves are wonderful for both storing and displaying items and they have been exploited in all the rooms, including the kitchen and the living area.