Elegant Hidden Office Armoire

Although pieces of furniture are indispensable in a house they take a lot of space of it. Wardrobes, desks, tables, chairs, armchairs are very useful but sometimes they seem to suffocate us or seem to appear in our way just when we need a little bit of more space. At the same time some refined pieces of furniture can make our home more attractive and elegant so that the others appreciate it even more.

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The Linear Office Armoire is part of both categories of these pieces of furniture. Its imposing appearance makes of it an elegant piece which can be used in a refined space or even a bedroom. It was made in northern Wisconsin and the solid wood adds more refinement .The dovetail joints or the handcrafted steel hardware are features that make it more appreciated and special. The oil and wax finish adds some glamour to its appearance while the light lacquer used for the finish of the stained pieces brings much more protection.

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Although you still think of your precious space, you will convince yourself that this Linear Office Armoire is a practical and impressive piece of furniture for your home. Its pull-out desk, built-in file drawers and adjustable shelves will make you save space and keep your documents in an organized manner. You can also match it with the nuances from your room as it is available in different nuances and the seven available sizes will help you choose the suitable piece for your own space. Thus, you will have your own office desk where you can work peacefully and an elegant and space saving place where you can storage all your files.Available for 2,300$.