Elegant Genie Teapot by Matilda

Who has not hear about the famous Christina Aguilera’s hit “Genie in a Bottle” or the story of Aladdin and his magic Genie? These are just two examples related to the idea of genie as there are many other stories or things related to it.

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One of the interesting ideas would be to become the owner of such a magic genie which perhaps could accomplish all kinds of wishes or missions for you. Well…it is just a dream which perhaps still exists in our mind…

If you want another idea for the genie perhaps you will be interested in this elegant Genie Teapot designed by Stefan Lie and which comes from Matilda. Its unique shape can make you think of many things that you can associate with. First of all you may think of Aladdin’s magic lamp which had inside a genie. Then you may also associate it with the idea of elephant. Its edges look like the big nose of an elephant. It depends on everybody’s imagination.

Picture 51 500x330

Genie Teapot is a nice ceramic teapot with cantilever lid which combines so well the idea of function and form. It is made from Slip cast porcelain and will look great on your table when you can gather with your friends for a nice cup of tea.