Elegant Gallo Laptop Table

We usually prefer laptops because they’re portable and we like to take them with us whenever we go somewhere. We also enjoy the fact that they can be used anywhere. You just put them on your lamp and there’s nothing else you need. However, that’s not very good for the laptop. It would be best to use on a table. If you find this an inconvenient, you shouldn’t because there are sleek and charming small tables that you’d definitely love. One of them is the Gallo table.

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The Gallo table is a chic piece of furniture that was designed to be used primarily as a laptop table. However, its versatile design allows it to also serve as a side table, bedside table or a small display unit. It has a very simple design and this allows it to have a modern look. It also has an office chic allure. The Gallo table is crafted from solid walnut or maple wood. It has a sleek wooden frame with an asymmetrical shape.

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The table also features a small wooden top, perfect for a laptop. The overall dimensions of the Gallo table are H 480 W 420 D 275. Its small size allows it to be used in a variety of spaces such as the living room, lounge area, bedroom or whenever you need it. It’s lightweight and easy to carry. Moreover, its design also incorporates a small shelf on which you can store your current reading material. It’s big enough to accommodate a magazine, a paper or even a thin book.Available for £205.00.