Elegant country house interior by Nicola Manganello

Country houses are usually popular for their cozy interiors, vintage decors and inviting rooms. However, as we were able to see before in some of the previous articles, this is not always the case. A country house can be surprising in terms of interior design by featuring a modern décor or an unusually elegant design.

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This expansive country house got a new look when Nicola Manganello of Nicola’s Homes took over the interior design. She managed to turn this residence into a very elegant home, filled with chic pieces of furniture and striking decorations. The kitchen and the dining room are basically the same room. Here the designer chose to incorporate a simple dining table that can accommodate 8 people and some traditional pieces of furniture like that cozy armchair for example, featuring a friendly pattern.

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Above the dining table there’s a large chandelier, a very beautiful and stylish decoration. The bedroom is very large and it features a very warm and inviting décor, with soft yellow walls and a carpe in the same color. It has large windows and a double bed and the interior seems very bright and fresh. So is the rest of the house. Even though it’s not a typical country house, the atmosphere is still cozy and inviting.