Elegant Bed by Schramm

The bedroom is the place for dreams and relaxation. Our body and our mind need the best beds because we spend one-third of our lives sleeping. Double beds are usually more comfortable than single beds whether you sleep alone or not. Matrimonial beds have a tendency of being more elegant while single beds are a constant reminder of a children’s bedroom.

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We’d love to help you find your dream bed for ultimate sleep. In order to do so we would like to present you a superb, modern double bed.Better sleep means less aging, more vitality, improved alertness and more. The freedom of sleeping is given not only by the space available, but also by our choice of mattresses. What’s more the design speaks about our personality, aspirations and wishes, so it is best to match the interior design of the bedroom with the colors you feel relaxed among and with quality furniture that will not only look good, but also invigorate the interior.

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The Schramm bed is an elegant and classy item that will fit perfectly into a modern design. It has a huge headboard and a lovely cover, that compete it, making it the perfect bed. Available on request from the manufacturer, this bed is comfortable, chic and luxurious.