Elegant Avi- Corian Bathroom by Plavisdesign

Bathroom is a space that should inspire you cleanness, hygiene, freshness and comfort. Here you get in with the idea of feeling nice and comfortable .In order to enjoy all these conditions you should create your own bathroom décor with high quality products.Take a look at Avi, a wonderful new Corian bathroom collection designed by Plavisdesign. It consists of a gorgeous relaxing bath tub and an elegant sink. Both items are made of Corian and completed with transparent glass elements.

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Corian is a great surfacing material known for its durability and excellent for getting wonderful shapes.The bath tub takes the shape of a comfortable bed so that your baths will transform into wonderful moments of relaxation which will make you think of a sweet nap. The white color of materials and interior combined with the transparency of the glass will increase the idea of space and light and you will have the feeling of a more spacious and elegant bathroom.

Corian Bathroom1

The moment you will enter this space you will have the sensation of a fresh and hygienic place which will make you get out a new person and will make you feel protected and comfortable. If you have the opportunity to complete this immaculate décor with a wonderful view offered by a large window then you get the maximum point of relaxation and comfort.