Elegant apartment in northern Portugal by Luso Oitoemponto

This beautiful apartment is located in northern Portugal. It’s a very elegant and stylish apartment, with spacious room and beautiful colors. The apartment was designed by Luso Oitoemponto. It features a variety of warm and chic colors and textures and an overall simple and modern décor.

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The variety in textures and colors results in an eye-catching and yet simple décor. The overall interior design is bright. That’s mostly because the apartment has large windows but also because of the specific colors chosen for the interior. In order to bring in even more natural light, skylights were designed for the ceilings. Overall, the colors are sober.

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There aren’t any bright and vivid colors such as red, green or yellow. Instead shades of brown, beige, cream and occasional blue were used.Even though the colors are sober, the impeccable finishes and the clean and simple design make the apartment seem bright and very stylish.

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The neutral tones of beige and combined with tones of blue for a more eye-catching visual contrast. The apartment features light oak floors throughout and this makes it particularly inviting and cozy while also contributing to the elegant décor. The apartment also has a beautiful terrace. It allows panoramic views of the beautiful landscape and it’s also a very great place for relaxation. The terrace features a more casual décor, with warm wooden tones and shades of light blue.{found on nuevo-estilo}.