Elegant and stylish wire shade lamps

Whether you’re searching for a floor lamp or for a pendant, Elite has just the thing for you. The unique collection of wire lamps is one the most versatile ones yet. It includes two very beautiful and tall white floor lamps that are available in two sizes and a set of four different pendant lamps that are available in either black or white.

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This collection is unique simply because of the fact that it has a very soft elegance that is not easy to obtain, especially with this kind of materials. The two different pieces actually have their own names. Piantana is the name of the oversized floor lamp. It’s available in two sizes and it’s very elegant. Lampada is the name of the other four pieces. The Lampada pendants have a very mysterious look in the black version. But if you prefer something more quiet and fresh you can also choose the white version.

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This incredibly beautiful and elegant collection definitely has something special. Regardless of the shape or type of lamp you choose, the satisfaction is guaranteed. A modern or contemporary home would probably be the best choice for these incredibly handsome pieces. However, if you really like one and you insists that you include it in your décor, it can be adapted so that it would look good anywhere.