Elegant and playful Danish apartment

In this article we’re going to show you a very beautiful apartment located in Denmark. It’s not the first Danish apartment that we’ve analyzed and it’s definitely not the last either. Still, it’s one of the most interesting ones. It’s not because of the location because is really not important. It’s the interior décor that makes this home unique.

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The apartment is very bright and fresh. It features an airy décor and that’s mostly because of the colors and materials used. It has white floors, which is a little unusual but it’s also a clever trick that can be sued whenever you want to trick the eye can create the impression of a larger space. It’s very helpful in the case of small rooms. Most of the walls have also been painted white. In fact, this apartment is like a huge blank canvas.

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Since the background is completely white, the furniture really stands out, especially with those beautiful colors. The kitchen is large and spacious and it’s also opened to the dining room area. Then a semi-wall separated this area from the living room. There, the black sofa really stands out in the white room. The combination with simple wooden furniture has also been a great idea. The color contrast is strong but delicate. Also, notice the way mid-century modern furniture combines with contemporary pieces without clashing.{found on site}