Elegant and Functional Atelier Chair from EOOS

Many hours spent at the office, a lot of rime spent in front of your computer or many other activities which keep you in a chair for a long time. Perhaps all these things are also familiar to you and wonder if there is a solution to relax and rest a little bit using a different kind of chair. The answer is affirmative, as Atelier Chair designed by Walter Knott and produced by EOOS seems to offer you a relaxing and comfortable sitting.

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Atelier Chair is an elegant and functional product which combines the refinement and quality of materials with the comfort offered by its special construction. The moment you take your seat on it, the leather begins to stretch over the steel framework and the height of the backrest suffers some changes so that you can enjoy some incredible relaxing moments and your body can find the comfort and correct position that it needs.

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EOOS tried to underline and interpret the well-known slogan that says” the form follows function” and offer a clear image of function.The beauty and function of leather can be noticed if you take a seat in this elegant and functional chair. The material begins to take the shape of your tired body and offer you the softness and relaxation that you search at it. You may enjoy all this comfort and relaxation while you admire some beautiful views or watch TV. It is a piece of furniture which is perfect for any modern room and those who admire the beauty, elegance and softness of leather.