Elegant and Comfortable Apartment in Athens

When you think about Athens, you think about a special place which you will definitely like. It happens the same with this special apartment in Athens, which is far from being an ordinary apartment: once you see it, you definitely like it! It is a model of a unified space in which there are two dominant aspects: the fireplace and the open kitchen which create  a special mood.

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The wooden surfaces give an impression of  simplicity and elegance, the combination of contrasting colors being innovative and bold. The entire apartment was intented and successfully managed to maximize all the small spaces in an original manner, being simple and well structured at the same time.

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Everything is characterized by simplicity and style, from the elegant and comfortable sofa, to the large glass windows which create that impression of space, from the modern furniture pieces, to the colorful decorative elements, from the blue walls, to the modern paintings.From our opinion Spacelab Architecture project is the best from this month.

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The open kitchen is also an example of modernity in this remodeled apartment in which every little detail is refreshing and contributes to the general effect, that of a splendid environment which inspires elegance, modernity, style. The big glass windows offer a new perspective over the exterior world and give a refreshing air to the entire atmosphere. It is a definitely ideal apartment, an inspiring place.