Elegant and colorful chair by Tonon

The One for Two chair, designed by the Italian company Tonon, has a … different look, compared to the usual ones. First of all, it has just one leg, if I may call it like that, which is positioned in an asymmetrical manner. It reminds me of the crane and the way he stands in just one leg. It’s a very gracious look that really makes this chair stand out.

Tonon one for two chairView in gallery

It has a steel base and an unusual shape that allows it to fold in on itself, just like a fortune cookie. You might not find any wise saying inside, but I don’t think that’s going to be a problem. The cushion seat is very wide and it almost screams the word “comfortable”. You can choose one of the three options: orange, red or white. No matter what color you choose, the effect will be the same. Go out of the box with this unusual, but very comfy chair.