Elegance and Perfection in the Royal Penthouse II

Coco Republic Interior Design was in charge with the interior of the Royal Penthouse II and the result seems to be more than satisfactory. The three-bedroom penthouse can be found in Australia, right on New castle Beach and it is impressive with its floor plan, luxurious, coastal and complementary characteristics to the streamline architecture of the building.

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Nothing compares to the charming atmosphere the interior designer created in this penthouse apartment. Everything is centered on beige, but this provides a casual elegance that you would not expect at a first sight. The soft natural materials of timber, stone, washed linens and jute combined to achieve the light soft palette that offers a warm ambiance and easy living, referencing the coastal environment beyond in the most harmonious way.

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The view is spectacular; the atmosphere is warm, welcoming and matching with the shades of color, especially blue. The white curtains and the wide glass windows and doors are perfect to reveal the most appealing view over the beach. Every space is wide open and in harmony with the rest of the house creating an enchanting environment that makes you feel at ease and enjoy every little thing, every detail, color or shape.

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No matter where you look, even the most critical eye meets perfection and everything seems to exist in order to sustain good taste, high quality and elegance.{pictures by Steve Back}.