Elegance And Minimalism Reach Their Peak In A Small Studio From Moscow

The key to an inviting and beautiful home interior is balance. The interior décor needs to be harmonious, regardless of the style you choose. This apartment is a perfect example. Located in Moscow, this place features a balance between minimalism and elegance. The materials chosen are simple but they are also welcoming.

Dubrovka apartment project81

The apartment is a small studio situated on the 24th floor of a newly built residential building. Its interior was designed by Peter Zaytsev of ZaBor Architects specifically for the family that now owns it. The clients wanted the apartment to be modern and minimalist but they also wanted it to be inviting, warm and to really feel like a home. The designer managed to accomplish that by choosing an elegant style that reflects the inhabitants’ lifestyle.

Dubrovka apartment project

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The budget for the project was not very high but still allowed the architect to create custom furniture for the apartment. This way everything fits perfectly inside. The black bar counter from the kitchen was custom built along with several other details. To personalize the space, the owners also opted for two very simplistic animal silhouettes above the bed in the bedroom. They symbolize the owners and they give the room a playful and modern look.

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The studio may be small compared to other apartment but it definitely doesn’t lack storage. Most of the storage spaces have been cleverly hidden as not to obstruct the décor in the rooms. This way the overall atmosphere remains minimalist and elegant.