Eleek Kidney Sink

When I studied anatomy in school I learned that a human kidney looked like a bean. Well, the bathroom sink I am going to present today looks like both and that’s why it is called the kidney sink. It is a very special bathroom sink first because of its shape and second because it is made of metal. It is made of recycled metal (90% recycled cast silicon bronze and 100% recycled cast aluminum), which is a great step forward for saving the planet. You can choose your sink to have a nice smooth raw finish or maybe an artistic patina.

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This interesting sink is nice and easy to use, welcoming the person who would like to try it with round shapes on either side. It has four little feet supporting it and this way it can be easily mounted on the bathroom top. It is not very big in size, with perfect dimensions ( H:5 5/16″ W: 22″ D: 13 1/4″). Actually it is perfect for a normal person to use and it has a drain right in the middle. It is manufactured by Eleek Incorporated , but if you want it, you will have to find a representative in your area.{found on site}