Electrolux green color fridge freezer

I couldn’t imagine my life without all the appliances i use every day. I think I would go crazy if I had to go back to the times when people did not have a freezer, a fridge or a TV set. They are now part of our daily routine and they make our lives a lot easier. Any way, I just love this Electrolux Inspiration fridge freezer because it is very useful, with many features and also looks very nice in every kitchen. First there’s the brand. It is well-known all over the world and people recognize quality when they see it. Then there are all the features that the appliance  has and which can be quite impressive for any person.

Electrolux inspiration fridge freezer

There are many features that make this appliance really cool – literally and some of them are listed below. The fridge freezer is Fresh FrostFree meaning it will not freeze completely and turn your food into packs of ice. Then it benefits from FreshFlow MultiAirflow Technology which allows the air flow to freely circulate inside and spread the same cool temperature everywhere. It has humdity control and also an air filter that does not allows smells to mix and create an unpleasant result. The door has LCD touch controls incorporated and is A+’ Energy Rating, which is a saver. The product is now available for a price starting with £ 900.