Electric Blue Orgone Chair by Marc Newson

I love modern furniture and I also love having unusual items around the house because I honestly believe they are the ones giving personality and beauty to your home. And I do find lots of interesting models of furniture in the stores, but sometimes I find the best things for me on vintage shops , both online and in different real locations. For example this beautiful Electric Blue Orgone Chair by Marc Newson is no longer manufactured, because its blooming period was back in the 1970s, but it looks so cool and electric that I think it will bring a bit of modernism and eccentricity to any home.

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The design of this chair is very interesting and it belongs to the artist called Marc Newson. He seemed to have used the mold of the torso and the lower back of a person for the backrest and seating, but they are very much stylized and looking great. The chair is made of rotation-molded polyethylene, which is the favourite material of the modern designers because it is lightweight and resistant at the same time and it can also be molded into different shapes, as the designer sees fit and inspired. The chair is empty on the inside and supported by four short and stout legs. The item is in perfect condition and available for $2,900.