Elaborate Magistral Cabinet by Sebastian Errazuriz

I’m sure that by now you’ve already seen plenty of furniture designs to be able to make an impression on a new piece. Cabinet are one of the most common pieces of furniture, so it’s very interesting when someone comes up with a new design, especially when it’s a bold and very interesting one. The designer Sebastian Errazuriz has created a real art piece when he had the idea for this cabinet. It’s called the Magistral Cabinet and it has a very elaborate look.


The most interesting detail on this cabinet is the dynamic effect of all the skewers that cover the surface of this piece. The whole cabinet is wrapped in over 80.000 bamboo skewers. The effect is incredible. Each bamboo skewer was individually hammered into the previously carved wooden structure, so it’s a very organized design. But the look is not all that this cabinet has to offer. This impressive exterior structure hides several drawers and opening that are hidden under this spiky surface.

As the cabinet opens up, multiple storage areas are revealed. When it’s closed, it has a compact look. It’s a very functional and practical piece of furniture with an impressive and artistic design, an interesting combination that is not easy to find. It has a dramatic look that would be great for a modern or contemporary home. The effect would be spectacular.