El Shelves

Whether your favourite room is the living room or the bathroom, if you prefer staying in the bedroom or you stay in the kitchen all day long, you still need a place to store all the small items that you need in your house. And shelves are the most useful places when it comes to put the objects you need close to you. These shelves called El Shelves are very simple in design, yet very eye-catching. They are made of willow wood veneer , but they have a red lacquered finish, which makes them pretty modern and the centerpiece of the room they are in. They can be different in size, so as to satisfy your needs, so you will order a small shelf for your smart phone charger and a bigger one if you want to display many things.ElShelfNDockingShelfRedS11View in gallery

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Since these shelves look so cool and modern, you can use them for storing all the gadgets a young person has these days, as they have an integrated cord cutout and can hold up to 33 pounds. You just need to mount the shelves on the wall and use them for whatever purpose you think appropriate. Depending on the size of the shelf you want, you will have to pay between $9.95 and $19.95 for an item from CB2 online store.