Eileen Shelf

Shelves are not supposed to be made only for storing books. They can very well be used to give a room personality and style. If you use them properly they can be very important pieces of furniture. For example if the living room is large enough you can use the Eileen shelf for displaying different decorations in an artistic way and this will make your room look nice and having personality. This shelf looks like a wooden frame of a painting, but it is large enough to cover the space between the floor and the ceiling.

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You can use only one such shelf or make a combination of two or three if the space allows it and you will be amazed how nice it looks after you have finished displaying the objects in it. The shelves are made of tapered glass, so there is no danger of getting hurt in case one of them breaks. And it also brings the effect of transparency, as the objects on the shelves seem to be floating in midair.

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You can choose the wooden frame to be brown or black, depending on the other furniture in your house and get inspiration from these pictures in decorating the shelves with different objects that are more or less useful, but look good together. What i like most about this Eileen shelf is the fact that it does not stay upright against the wall, but it leans a bit so the upper shelves are narrow and they get larger at the bottom. I can tell you the visual effect is great. You can purchase it for $739 from Yliving.

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