Egg Tub by Rexa Design

The Egg tub by Italian company Rexa features clean lines and a minimalist to complement any contemporary bathroom. The immaculate white tub have integrated a shelf, ideal for storing your potions and lotions, towels, books or bathroom accessories in your favorite colors to make your bathroom pop. Also if you want other color then white you can choose for a range of colors and finishes to help you make the most of your space.

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The tub is not exactly egg-shaped. It’s more like half an egg placed horizontally. But still, the curves resemble the egg’s shape very well. I assume it must be very a very comfortable piece, assuming by the size and friendly shape. It’s the perfect environment for you to take a nice long and relaxing bath, to forget about all the problems even if it’s just for a few minutes.


A very ingenious feature that makes this bathtub stand out is the storage space incorporated in the design. It allows you to store your lotions, hair product and this kind of stuff. But not just that, you can even use it to store other things as well, not just hygiene products. You could have some books or magazines in there just in case you might want to read something while in the bathroom. It’s clever and convenient.