Egg Pants

I guess I have a thing for eggs today. So I will tell you about Egg Pants. I know, the name seems hilarious and you are absolutely right, but these pants made for the eggs are actually a funny egg cup for the kids. And since kids love funny things, especially when they eat and need someone or something to distract them, this could be the perfect solution. If you have a child who does not want to eat eggs, you simply buy these pants and boil an egg for them. It will be fun to eat eggs and you will be happy to see the kids eat the whole meal.

These pants are perfect for any size of eggs and this is why they are made of silicone, so no matter how big or small the egg is, it will not fall off this support. Besides, silicone is pretty adherent, so the egg will stay inside until you have finished eating it and only after that will you throw the egg shell. The creative designer of this item is Liz Kinnmark  and she did it for Design Glut studios. If you like what you see you can now buy a pair of these egg pants for just $6.