Egg Bathroom Sink

Modern furniture and bathroom fixtures are very simple in design and they fit the minimalist houses people prefer today. I admit, it’s a very convenient style, as there are very few things in the house and there aren’t many adornments and accessories around.  And the bathroom is the room that is most appropriate for having a simple design and very simple and nice items inside. One of them is the bathroom sink which is supposed to be practical and without any lines in order to avoid limescale deposits. This Egg Bathroom Sink is perfect for any bathroom, whether modern or old-fashioned, stylish or minimalist.

Egg sink bathroom

The bathroom sink is modern in design and has some European features, giving away the inspiration of the designer. It is made of porcelain and the shape suggests the name you can see in the title. Yes, it looks just like an egg, having an oval shape, but also the brightness of an egg shell. You can choose a Chrome, Brushed Nickel, or Oil Rubbed Bronze Pop-up drain and also an overflow hole. It is simple and effective, perfect for the modern businessman or woman. You can purchase the item now for $84.95.