Egg Basket Chandelier

Easter is just around the corner and everybody waits for this Christian celebration impatiently. Grown-ups are filled with a religious feeling and they try to be better and do many good deeds, while children want to go egg hunting and gather as many eggs as possible. It’s tradition and it’s fun. Any way, nowadays kids use all sorts of baskets for this but in the past they put the Easter eggs in special wicker baskets that were woven by very skilled people in the village. These baskets are no longer used, but they are still remembered and used in design – like this Egg Basket Chandelier that is spectacular and unique.


The chandelier is more appropriate for a barn or a big hall, as it looks like a long and whitewashed board that is hanging from the ceiling, being supported by two sturdy pieces of rope. What is really unusual about the design of this chandelier are the five egg baskets that come attached to it, in an upside down position. Inside each basket you can see a light bulb, so there are five such light bulbs in total (100 Watt ones).

This unusual chandelier can now be bought for $440 from Harvest Home Stores.