Small Apartment Gets An Efficient L-Shaped Makeover

With a total living space of 64 square meters, this apartment in Yokohama, Japan, is not exactly spacious but neither tiny, such as an efficiency apartment for example.After being renovated by the architects of Sinato, an award-winning firm that knows how to make the most of small spaces, the apartment became unlike any other space in that 26 year old complex.


The most interesting feature is an L-shaped wooden wall which was added during the renovation. This element was inserted here in order to offer privacy to the sleeping area while keeping the rest of the space open.


The partition is made of wood and has a top section made of glass in order to keep the ceiling unbroken and fluid. Apart from separating the two main zones, the wall also serves as a piece of furniture, offering storage and display space for artwork, books and other things.


Large windows allow light to get in the living area but also in the bedroom. So even though there’s this odd compartmentalization of the space, the ambiance is bright, open and welcoming throughout.

Fujigaoka m sinato floor plan

A large closet takes care of the storage needs and is conveniently placed close to the sleeping area. It’s a huge piece, floor-to-ceiling piece of furniture but the natural wood finish doesn’t make it that imposing.


The open floor plan is divided into two wings. One contains the kitchen and dining spaces and the other is a lunge area and study. The small living room area is simple, only includes the basic elements such as the sofa, a side table and a desk in front of the window.


There’s additional seating provided by the partition wall and the bench that wraps around its base. Underneath, a series of pull-out drawers offers storage.


The kitchen and the dining area are designed horizontally along the wall. They’re modern and minimalist, featuring smooth countertops, space-efficient appliances and chic furniture throughout.


The kitchen takes advantage of open shelves and stays simple and practical.


The dining area has a table with a glass top and a set of chairs with different shapes, designs and colors. It’s a playful detail that gives the apartment a casual and relaxed look.


The washbasin is also integrated in this open floor plan. It can be seen here, to the side of the lounge area. Its placement its a bit unusual but not unpractical.

Fujigaoka m sinato floor plan