Efficient garden solution: Whirligro

A lot of people chose to live in a house rather than in an apartment because it’s a little more private, less busy and crowded. This means the garden is not a priority but it’s still a nice bonus. So if you have a small garden there’s no need to be blue. There’s a way that allows you to exploit every inch of space. It’s called Whirligro and it’s a very ingenious solution.

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An apartment complex allows more people o live in a small area because of the vertical arrangement. The same principle is applies to this unusual structure created for small gardens. Whirligro is made of multiple tubes that are arranged in a spiral that goes around a central structure. Each tube can hold 3 plants and a single structure can be formed from 10 tubes.

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This means that you’ll have 30 plants in an area of 1m by 1m. Of course, this only applies for small plants like flowers and decorative pieces. If you plan on raising crops in your garden you should do it the old way because this new invention won’t help you.Whirligro is a very ingenious creation. Your garden will not only be fuller but it will also look more beautiful and organized. The tubes come is several different colors so you can also create a nice contrast just by choosing different colors.