Eco Toilet:Recycle the water from the washbasin

Nowadays we’re all concerned about protecting the environment and using eco products. We built sustainable and green houses, we buy hybrid cars and we’re careful about everything we use. It might sound extreme but it’s not everyone does that. For those concerned about all those things, here’s another item to add to your collection. It’s an toilet that was designed by Jang Woo-seok.

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The Eco Toilet allows you to recycle the water from the washbasin. The washbasin water and regular fresh water are used for flushing. It sounds like a simple and very good idea. We use water to wash our hands and teeth and for other purposes as well and we also need water for the toilet. So why not recycle? Of course, as you can imagine, in order to do that a more complicated design is needed. The Eco Toilet features a water tank divided into two separate segments.

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Also, in order to make things even easier, the recycle section features an LED indicator that lets you know when the tank is full and ready to use. The light glows green and that’s the sign. If the recycle section is not ready yet, you can always use the regular flush. It sounds simple and it really is. The Eco Toilet is a sustainable product with a simple mechanism and a fairly attractive design. It doesn’t take more space than the usual toilet. In fact, it even allows you to save space since the washbasin is incorporated into its design.{found on yankodesign}.