Eco-friendly wooden desk designs – DIY projects for creative minds

It’s important to have a pleasant work environment, whether it’s at home or somewhere else. In the case of a home office, the best part is that you get to design it the way you want. You can even come up with your own designs for the furniture. We have selected five creative DIY projects that can show you how to build your own wooden desk. These are not just simple and ingenious designs but also wonderful eco-friendly alternatives.

Raw and simple corner desk.

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If you’re the type of person that prefers simple furniture with unfinished and un-tweaked details, than this DIY project should be just the thing for you. The greatest part about such furniture pieces is the fact that they are very easy to make and don’t require many materials. For example, the supplies needed for this corner desk include 40’ of 2×6 framing wood cut into eight 5’ pieces, a 4’ 1×2 oak piece, four 2.5 mending plates, 48 1’’ screws, 10 2’’ traditional wood screws, four legs, low gloss polyurethane and some wood glue.

Diy framing wood

Start by lining up the four 5’ framing wood pieces and then place two mending plates about 2 feet from either edge. Secure two more mending plates to the other side. Do the same thing for the remaining four pieces. Attach the legs and your corner desk is pretty much complete.{found on abeautifulmess}.

Simple wooden desk that hides your wires.

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One of the most annoying parts about any desk is not strictly related to the design itself but to the gadgets and all the things you place on the desk and use while working there. We’re talking about all the cables and wires that often get tangled and that end up creating a mess behind the desk. It’s difficult to keep them all organized, especially when they’re not there permanently.

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It’s why this particular desk seems like a wonderful solution to this problem. This desk feature a top composed of several wood pieces lined side by side, with small gaps in between them. The desk also has a small space underneath this surface that can be used to hide all the wires and cables. The desk and the small wiregutters allow you to hide any kind of wire from the object itself and it’s all about smart positioning.{found on johnnydoes}.

Multimedia desk built from scratch.

Diy table

The great thing about building your own desk for your home office is the fact that you get to choose the design and dimensions so that it fits perfectly in the room. You don’t even have to have any specialized knowledge regarding furniture building and, an even better advantage, you don’t even need many tools or materials. Building your own desk is simpler than ever when all you have to do is put together a flat surface and some legs.

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So all you have to do is select your favorite table top and your favorite legs, take them home and put the pieces together. If you feel extra talented you can also add all kinds of secret compartments and features, hide all the wires and come up with a sleek and ingenious custom design for the desk. For that you’ll need some extra wood so select the type you like and get to work.{found on apartmenttherapy}.

Minimalist DIY desk with an open top leaf.

Diy sleek office3

This is another example featuring a DIY desk focusing on hiding all the cables and wires for a neat and pleasant working experience. As you can see, the desk has a very simple design. Its minimalist look gives it a contemporary allure. But the best part about this desk has to do with its functionality.

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The main goal here is to get all the wires and cables out of sight. This way, if you don’t see them, they won’t annoy you. To make something similar you can use the frame from an old desk and make a few adjustments. You can add a table top onto the desk and create the compartments for the cables. The open top leaf in this case features two holes, one for the power cable and the other one for the peripherals. In the space underneath you can hide your laptop and everything else and obtain a clean work space.{found on Lifehacker}.

Wooden pallet desk.

Pallet office1

Today we focused more on eco-friendly DIY projects and, as you can see, everything presented so far includes simple projects made from old and recycled materials. But this last one is the most suggestive for what we’re trying to express. It’s a desk made from wooden pallets. As we’ve repeatedly said already, pallets are great for building almost anything and desks are some of the easiest projects.

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This particular office has the staircase, reception desk, work stations, conference table and some other pieces all made from pallets. The desk and tables are topped with tempered glass. Building something similar is actually very easy. You just need to find some wooden pallets and the ideas will certainly come. You can take multiple pallets and stack them together until you reach the perfect heights or you can add legs and make a different type of desk. You can also create storage cabinets made from pallets.