Eco-Friendly Wall Paints

Technology has evolved a lot lately, maybe too much in some fields. For example the environment was very much affected by people’s actions and they did not do something good for it. All this industry produced a lot of dangerous elements that spread into the air, soil and water and lead to what we call pollution. Even the paint that we use on the house walls is sometimes very dangerous for us, people, and for the air we breathe. Experts say that we should all use eco-friendly paints because they are safe for the environment.

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That is because normal paints are obtained artificially and not from natural products, so they have heavy metals in their composition and the fumes they emit when left uncovered or when they are use don the walls, the air right next to this paint is affected and polluted. And there have been a lot of cases of people that got intoxicated because of the lead in the wall paints. But these are just a few of the negative effects of normal paints and I felt it myself when I painted my room without opening the window and I almost fainted.

As a consequence there are some producers that offer us an alternative and give us naturally obtained products. One of them is Painted Earth and all the paints produced by them are totally safe and result in a clean environment and a healthier life.

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