Eco friendly vertical wall garden

Anybody would like their home to look alive! How can we do that? Well that is easy. You can just fill your living space (interior space plus outdoor space) with flowers, herbs and succulents. To make it easier for you this amazing vertical wall garden will make your outdoor walls look alive. If you like you can also use this vertical wall garden product in your interior space decorating it with warm colors.

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The vertical wall garden comes with a frame of steel. This square frame goes perfectly on your outdoor walls where you would like to have some flowers. You can arrange the 20 plastic pots that are perfectly designed to fit in the steel frame, and then put any plants you want in them. This is such a unique way to decorate the outdoor wall of your home. You will have no problems mounting the steel frame. You will just need a screwdriver to fix the four screws in your wall.

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This product is an eco friendly one because the pots are recycled! This is another thing for you to think about when you buy such an amazing product. The plastic pots can be removed any time you want. You can remove the pots to harvest your plants or to change the soil and stuff.The vertical wall garden is available for a price of $59.95. This is the exact price for you to bring your outdoor walls back to life!