Eco-friendly Seating by 608 Design

608 Design creates contemporary furniture that makes a bold statement in the home. Helmed by Evan Bare, 608 Design is based in Toronto, Canada. Although the color palette is subtle and classic, it is the strong boxy silhouettes and tweaked traditional details thet set the seats apart from their competition.

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Evan Bare designs and builds a collection of environmentally conscious upholstered seating. The line we are going to show you is made fo that the pieces can be taken apart for transportation, or just to make it easier to replace one when needed. A great thing about them is thefact that they feature incorporated storage for your clutter. What’s more, it has a modular SMS design, that allows you to add components whenever you need extra seating. It starts with an armless chair, which you can make a club chair or even a loveseat or a sofa by just adding some universal arms.

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608 Design has other beautiful, functional chairs in their collection. For example, the Thru chair which is an updated version of an old tuxedo style chair, or the classic Annex Club chair with clean lines, or the Annex Wingback that started as the Annex Club but with an added module, or the Toffel chair. Their furniture is convertible, provides versatile pieces that are perfect for both small and big spaces.

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