Eco Dome Environmental Center,South Korea

With environmental issue as the main topic of awareness in modern day world, many of the countries have their own plan on how to bring awareness to many of the environmental issues and help preserving the environment. Similar to the United Kingdom’s Eden Project, South Korea introduced its own project of environmental awareness, which is known as the Ecorium Project from SAMOO by the South Korea National Ecological Institute. It is a project to reserve 33,000 square meters of nature in a dome like structure. It meant to be built as the greenhouse of that large acre of land as well as a center or park for visitor.



The Ecorium Project not only strikes to preserve a large acre of wetland and wild plants, but also meant as an educational project to help bring awareness to the people in Korea. It will in fact be used to help educating the people of the world’s eco-system and the nature in order to help protecting them.

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Furthermore, the greenhouse system of the Ecorium Project, which is the center area of the park, will be able to adjust the internal weather condition based upon the external weather condition in order to achieve the least energy used for the park.