Eclipse Chandelier

An eclipse is the natural phenomenon when the Sun image is covered by the Moon and you suddenly see less and less of it until there is no light left in the middle of the day during a total sun eclipse. This is a very plastic and suggestive parallel with the way this chandelier looks like. Its design is modern and interesting and allows you to see the light of the light bulb inside only after it is filtered by the black trims hanging from the chandelier. It is a very interesting experience. The Eclipse Chandelier  is perfect for modern homes,a s it adds a plus of style and class.

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The chandelier is round and pretty big in size (100cm diam x 55cm h), with five consecutive circles that are the actual support of the black plastic trims. They give the unique design to the lamp, as they look fabulous when hanging and when you turn on the light. The chandelier supplied by Ochre works with fours 60 watts per bulb and the effect is spectacular. Because it is pretty big and heavy you will probably need three strong chains to hang it from the ceiling. Please contact the manufacturer for further details.