Eclectic vacation rental in San Francisco

Those that either got tired of all the hotel rooms they spent time in during their vacations or are looking for something unique, something unusual, a different type of vacation location, have an alternative. They can take advantage of the service that allows individuals to list their personal properties when they are not in use and they can find among them the dream vacation destination they always wanted.

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These vacation rentals provide unique experiences around the world for those who wish to bypass the hotel stay. Among these unconventional alternatives we have found this one: a charming private property in San Francisco. It’s a one-bedroom, three-bathroom structure that covers an area of 3,500 square feet. It features an eclectic style with influences from Asia, old Hollywood and Middle East. It’s indeed a unique residence. Its owners allow families, vacationers, photographers, film production crews and anyone who wishes to spend their vacation here to use their unique home.

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Overall, the house is more than unusual. It’s a mix of influences and yet this allowed the creation of an original, personal style. Each room features unusual and eye-catching décor elements such as arcade games, armors, motorcycles and other items. Each room has been decorated according to a different theme and they even have names: the Grace Kelly Room, Hollywood Glamour Room, Buddha Room and 50s Room. The property also has a beautiful garden with a pool and beautiful outdoor lounge areas.