Eclectic Sao Paulo Residence With Intriguing Accent Details

This residence is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil and it’s very interesting. Designed by Mauricio Arruda, the space impresses with the wonderful balance of styles. It has an eclectic interior design and the way everything looks perfectly balanced is just wonderful. Even though the influences are quite different, they don’t clash.

Residencia Consolacao

The interior of this residence is inviting, cozy and warm and it features a combination of decorative elements that add character to the rooms. The accessories are, in fact, the most interesting part of the interior design. Colorful, intriguing and carefully placed throughout the rooms, they create beautiful focal points and add charm and personality to the spaces. For example, the artwork seen here is quite unusual.

Residencia Consolacao1

Residencia Consolacao2

Residencia Consolacao3

Residencia Consolacao4

It takes the form of modern paintings, portraits, photos and posters, each with a little detail that makes it stand out. It can be either a frame with a more unusual shape or with a bold color or the actual theme of the design. The colors are also beautifully balanced with the rest of the décor.

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I particularly like the striped area rug from the bathroom. It’s like a breath of fresh air in the minimalist décor. Each room and each little area has something that makes it special. Whether it’s the rug, the wallpaper, the light fixture, the accent pillows or the artwork, the balance is always perfect.