Eclectic Mantle Collages: Ideas & Inspiration

In most cases, your home has a mantle, even if you don’t have a fireplace! There’s usually something on the walls that acts like the focal point for the entire space. Instead of doing the traditional, dull designs, it’s easier to display your character by incorporating a lot of eclectic, unique pieces into a collage! So, it’s only natural that we make that space look stylish and allow it to express bits and pieces of the family’s personality.  Take a look at all of these fabulous, real-life ideas and inspiration and soon you’ll be creating your very own eclectic mantle collage!

1. Framed.

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For some reason, I usually have too many frames than I have space for. But I also find myself eying beautiful vintage frames at every thrift store I visit. What you can do with all those unused, yet charismatic piece is fill the mantle! It’s textural, it’s architectural and incredibly fun and playful. Just throw a couple of posters, prints or photos in the mix along with your bare frames.

2. Candles.

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Create a collage of candles! No matter what, it’ll look a bit eclectic and unique by mixing different sizes. But you can even mix sixes, shapes and colors for an even more vivacious, unique style. Light them at night for a romantic feel but make sure you blow them out before bedtime (*don’t be reckless when it comes to candles).

3. Cozy.

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If you want something a bit edgier but you still want it to feel homey, don’t worry. Take all your quintessential home decor pieces like books, candles and photos and then stack them on the mantle. Together, they’ll give a rumbled, rummaged look instead of picking one and themeing the mantle around just that piece.

4. Flea Market.

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For a super eclectic look and feel, try mixing items that look like you may have just went to the local flea market and took a piece from each both. Mix colors, shapes and sizes. Then mix fabrics, textures, woods and metals. A fresh flower, a clock, wooden clogs and a paper dawning your favorite quote – they’ll all mesh together if you let them.

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