Eclectic M2 House in Bergamo

The M2 House was designed by Italian Studio Associato Bettinelli and is located in Bergamo, a town in Lombardy, Italy. The project that was completed in 2008 reunites an old apartment and a loft, creating one fabulous and functional space.

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The house looks like an amazing place, a sanctuary to retreat to. The apartment expands vertically incorporating an attic through a massive wooden staircase that became the focal point of the entire bottom level. This staircase presents itself as a huge, black structure, hat contrasts with the white walls giving it a stunning look and letting the furnishings do all the talking.

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Although the space is big they kept it simple, using a few pieces of furniture that create an eclectic flair. As you can see the modern ones, like the sofas and the lamp, complete the traditional ones, such as the cabinets and the other sofa. Behind that unique traditional sofa you can find a large black box that is, in fact, a storage space well hidden. The bathroom is also a simple room with clean lines and modern furniture, a place that almost feels like a spa meant for precious moments of relaxation.

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The M2 House is an eclectic and wonderful home. It presents clean lines and beautiful furnishings, that together make it a warm and welcoming place to land.{found on homedsgn}