Eclectic Francis Hotel in Bath, England

The Francis Hotel is located in the center of Bath, in England. It’s a Regency townhouse hotel with an eclectic design. The interior is very beautiful but also difficult to integrate in a particular style. It’s because the hotel combines contemporary pieces with antique elements that remind us of an era no longer existent.

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Situated on the south side of the classical Queen Square, the Francis Hotel is a beautiful landmark in the area. If was originally built somewhere between 1728 and 1735 by architect and town planner John Wood the Elder, also known for many beautiful buildings in Bath.The architect’s vision for Queen Square was very simple but also complex. He designed the south side as a series of nine private townhouses.They were united by a single façade and thus formed a uniform structure even though they were clearly separated. Only seven of them managed to be salvaged and they were restored to their original beauty, forming the Francis Hotel.

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The Francis Hotel suffered many changes over the years. However, even so it managed to preserve its original charm and style as well as the name. Once again, the hotel is about to get an update. The building is being restored. It will have 98 luxurious bedrooms and colorful interiors featuring the style of the Regency period combined with contemporary elements. The interior décor is vibrant and opulent and, even though it has an eclectic style, it seems like a very natural combination.